Temporary Foreign Worker Program - Reports & Case Studies 2023

The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) commissioned Pivotal Research Inc. (Pivotal Research) to conduct policy research focused on Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) in the Prairie provinces—encompassing the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan—building on the TFW Prairie Region Project to provide insights and opportunities to strengthen the TFW-serving ecosystem across the Prairie region.

With this goal in mind, three studies were conducted by Pivotal Research with insights gathered from frontline workers, community partners, employers & temporary foreign workers to share their first hand experience.

  • Voice of the Foreign Worker in the Prairie Region: Temporary Foreign Worker Program Reform Considerations


Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS) has commissioned Pivotal Research Inc. (Pivotal Research) in 2023 to conduct immersive research with Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) in the Prairie Region (Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan) focused on gathering their experiences and perceptions of reform considerations for the TFW Program. This is especially so because in 2022, the federal government of Canada announced several amendments to the TFW Program, which were aimed at addressing the challenges TFWs might be facing while they are working temporarily in Canada.


In September 2021 through to December 2021, Pivotal Research conducted policy research focused on TFWs in the Prairie provinces. This research project was cosponsored by Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA) and CCIS. The policy research project culminated in a set of recommended actions for consideration, including the need to address current research gaps related to the experience of TFWs in the Prairie region. Among the top research gaps of note was the lack of direct engagement with TFWs to influence, guide or validate the TFW Program and policy reforms.

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  • Temporary Foreign Worker Champion Employers: Case Studies from Employers in the Prairie Region

Introduction and Methodology

Pivotal Research Inc., commissioned by Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS), completed case study research with businesses in the Prairie region who exemplify “champion employer” criteria according to temporary foreign workers (TFWs). Employers chosen for the case study research are considered championing the rights and wellbeing of TFWs, which is why they are referred to as "Champion Employers". By highlighting champion employers’ exemplary practices, this research aims to shed light on the importance of fair treatment and support for TFWs, promoting positive change in how these workers are treated within the Canadian workforce. Thirty-six (36) TFWs were engaged in in-depth interviews and focus groups across the Prairie region to help shape the champion employer criteria and identify what characteristics TFWs value the most in their employers.

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  • Temporary Foreign Worker Recruitment Process in the Prairie Region: Business and Immigration Consultant Perspectives

Executive Summary

This report is commissioned by the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society and prepared by Pivotal Research Inc. in a continuous effort to support service providers serving temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in the Prairie region. The objective of this report is to understand the TFW recruitment process from the unique and previously unexplored perspectives of businesses and immigration consultants and recruiters and identify problematic aspects of recruitment.

Research Methodology

The research took place between October and December 2022 and relied on data collection through online survey with employers who have experience recruiting and hiring TFWs in the Prairie region (n=26); and in-depth interviews with immigration consultants and recruiters who have experience with the TFWP and TFWs in the Prairie region (n=10).

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